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Del Stevens

In 1985 Del Stevens, owner and manager of A & W Restaurant in Sliverton, OR, announced the building of a new restaurant called Burger Time in Mt. Angel. Del's son Rod was to assume the Manager role.


Tom & Jan Maurer

In 1996  Tom & Jan Mauer bought Burger Time. Jan was the manager for 4 1/2 years before she and her husband bought the business from Del Stevens. Our current owner, Liz Ipox,worked at Burger Time in High School and looked up to Jan as her mentor.

Tom sold Burger Time to his daughter Chrissy and Liz in 2009 

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Liz Ipox

Liz insists on keeping the same traditions that Del implemented while adding a few of her own - like the summer Ice Cream Bike and the participating in  the Mt. Angel Candy Crawl. Fourth of July has become a trational feeding of the local soccer team. Community is everything to Liz and it shows! (check out the fundraising page)

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